Monday, May 25, 2009

The Next Chapter in Your Life...

Dear Dylan,

I have been writing letters to you since you were born. Today I created a blog for you and will post my letters to you here, so other moms & dads might be able to learn something from our journey. I have lots of back letters that I have written to you and they will be placed on this blog over time.

But today, I got your blog up because tomorrow you are having an amazing procedure at Duke University where you will get a re-infusion of your own cord blood stem cells (which your father and I banked at your birth). We don't know what this procedure could do for you, but when someone asked me the other day, this is what I told them -- "It's like Christmas when your a little kid -- you know your going to get something good, you just don't know what it is."

Your father and I hope this will help your vision, your ability to talk and your mobility. You want to walk so badly and when we help you walk, you feel like such a big boy and never stop smiling.

You know, a lot of amazing people have worked pretty hard to help you get to Duke University Medical Center for this re-infusion. We have done several fundraisers and on Friday before we left to come here to North Carolina, we got new silicone bracelets that the "Charis House" (on OSU Campus) is going to help us sell to raise money for you. We brought them with us and are proudly wearing our bracelets that say: - a story of hope... (on the outside) and 1 Cor 13:13 Faith Hope Love, the greatest is LOVE (on the inside). Everyone that has bought them so far loves them.

It is an honor to be your mom and to join you on this amazing journey. Today we visited the hospital where we will go in the morning. We took pictures of you in front of the office where we will go at 10:30 tomorrow. It was an incredibly peaceful feeling being there.

Tonight you fell asleep in my arms after a long day (on a different time zone). I couldn't help but wonder as you lay there sleeping so peacefully, what tomorrow might being for you, and if you understand what we are doing here in North Carolina. You are very smart, and we have told you why we are here, but since you can't talk to us and ask us questions, we aren't sure just how much you understand.
We are all on this journey together and your faither and I are blessed to have you in our lives. Your smiles, laughter and spunky personality bring smiles to us everyday. Dylan, you are ready for the next chapter of your life.
Our prayers and love are with you...

p.s. this picture is of you and Dad at Duke University -- right in front of where we will be taking you on Tuesday.

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Joshua Hasten Bolt said...

Dear Cain Family,

We are praying for you fervently today.

Thanks for your message. We are so glad that you are online, both on the websites and this blog. It is inspirational to know we Moms of brain-injured kids have so much in common.

Although we don't really know each other yet, I feel a close connection when I look at your websites and your blog. Dylan is so much like my 7 1/2 year old son Joshua a few years ago. You WILL get him to be more mobile soon, I know it. I will send you an email re: how we got Joshua to creep properly rather than bunny-hop. And you WILL be able to communicate with him more soon also.

Well, today is THE DAY for you down at Duke. I hope you feel the prayers coming down to you from Virginia to NC! You have inspired me to bank Joshua's stem cells from his baby teeth. If you haven't already enrolled Dylan at a tooth stem cell bank, check out - JUST IN CASE!

I've got to run, but know we are praying for you today, AND for the coming days...

Jennifer, Kyle and Joshua Bolt