Friday, May 29, 2009

The Energizer Bunny


It is Friday, and 3 days post stem cells and your father and I think you got some new batteries put in. We have both thought you seemed to be a bit wound up at times... not all the time, but when you get going, you seem to have an extra burst of energy.

We fly home from Durham/Raleigh, NC today and won't get in until late. Our plane is scheduled to leave around 3:45 pm, so we are just taking it easy and hoping to visit the pool before we leave today. But, as luck would have it, it is a bit overcast and there are thunderstorms forecasted. Hopefully those will subside before we fly out.

You are ready to go home and be in your own home. You need your own bed, music, toys... Your dad and I are looking forward to being home and starting in on your daily therapy. We are outlining a program that we will stick with daily which will include vision, vestibular, leg & back strengthing exercises, patterning, physical therapy, and an excellent nutrition program (you are already doing much of this work daily, and have been on a 'whole foods' nutrition program for about 3 years)... We know is helps you, as when we allow you to have non-whole foods, or something prepared in a restaurant, you do seem to be more agitated and have issues with your diabetes insipidus (your sodium level) and your need for water increases... and then you need to pee more. It seems to be a vicious cycle when you don't your whole foods.

We are off to the airport to go home today and hope you will sleep some on the flights.

We love you,

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