Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Big Day

Dear Dylan,

Today is the day!! We have waited what seems like a year for this day to arrive, and we can't believe it is here.

You definitely know there is something big happening today, as you had a very tough night of sleep last night and didn't seem to settle down until I told you, "we will be there with you all the way -- mom & dad won't leave your side". It was after you heard those words that you tucked your head in next to mine and fell soundly asleep. A few hours later you woke up again, screaming and crying. You were just a bit unsettled throughout the night.

Your appointment is at 10:30 this morning and you will have your re-infusion sometime after that. I think it will be sometime this afternoon.

Little 'D', we are with you today, and won't leave your side.

You are a tough little guy. I know you will do great!


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